Raton MainStreet

Raton Arts & Cultural District

Raton, at the foot of Raton Pass, high point on the Santa Fe Trail

Raton's historic district includes the historic Shuler Theater, El Raton Theater, the Raton Museum, the historic Old Pass Gallery, several antique shops, and an incredible mountainous outdoor recreation area.

The Historic Suler Theater - circa 1914
Suler Theater
The Historic El Raton Theater
El Raton Theater
The Raton Museum - located on South 2nd Street
Raton Museum
The Old Pass Gallery - housed in the old Santa Fe Rail Depot
Old Pass Gallery

Our History

The growth of Raton as a railroad and mining town is reflected in its unique architectural heritage. A walking tour covering five blocks of downtown Raton is the perfect way to take in the structures that were built between the mid-1880's through to the early 1900's. The tour includes the historic Shuler Theater, a gem that has stood on 2nd Street since 1915, the Old Pass Gallery (built in 1910 as the Wells Fargo Building), and the beautiful Victorian buildings of historic First Street.

The downtown Arts and Cultural District is seeking to highlight the impressive number of venues and activities in the area, striving to make Raton "Northeastern New Mexico's Center for the Arts." Besides many galleries and museums, the town also boasts a youth theater, dance school and a performing arts summer school.